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RERSCollageNew England’s Most Trusted Source For Real Estate Information.

Real estate is a moving target, but with a valuable tool like RE Records Search in your arsenal, you can get a bullseye every time. The Warren Group is New England’s premier source for accurate real estate information, and RE Records Search provides valuable insight to the region’s property characteristics, tax records, sales and mortgage histories and foreclosure information.

RE Records Search eliminates guesswork in an industry where accuracy is paramount. Whether you’re an appraiser, agent, lender, contractor or anything in-between you need a trusted source for market information – and RE Records Search is your solution. Through our relationships with Town Assessors across New England, our database features all the information you need to make informed decisions, pursue leads and access up-to-date stats to be successful in the real estate industry.


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RE Records Search is New England’s largest and most complete real estate database. Get the whole story on any property in New England, including sales, foreclosure filings and property characteristics.


Examine 25+ years of property sales, price trends and foreclosure statistics. Add credibility and support your opinion.

View search results on Bing Maps. Identify nearby properties that can influence value.

Locate nearby foreclosures, filter distressed properties from your search.

Download results and labels so you can contact potential customers that need your services most.